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Studio Christos

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What makes Studio Sohora so special:
- Staying in the Old Town of Rethymno is a unique experience! It offers the opportunity to stay in a historical district which you can explore road by road and always find something that worth to see and discover. At the same time staying in the old town means that you will be next to any kind of shops, restaurants, bars, cafeterias, nightclubs and the beach. Everything can be reached on foot with a plenty of choices and it is not necessary to rent cars if you stay in.
- Feel the freedom of staying in your own apartment but also take advantage of the “hotel style services” that we can offer if you want or need them.
- We offer free bicycles which you can enjoy going around the pavements of the old town or to the beach!
- It is well equipped and organised with all the facilities to ensure comfortable stay.
- Holiday advisor call centre is available exclusively to our guests. It has a landline connection which you can call anytime for any problem, question or just seeking our advice.
- The hospitality of the owner and his family who will be on hand with helpful advice and information whenever it is needed. The owners have a wide knowledge of the island and will be only to willing to suggest places of interest and routes to get there.

3 pax occupancy
1 bedrooms
40.00 sqm


Rebuilt from scratch, this single storey studio is located in a small Venetian pavement next to the very quiet and safe district of the old town of Rethymno, called Sohora. The homonymous square of Sohora (the official local name is Ir. Politechniou Square) is nowadays full of life during day or night because of the numerous small cafeterias and traditional shops located around or next to it. In the same square, the police station and the county hall of Rethymno prefecture are located. Behind the building of county hall there is also a free parking area (150 meters away from our studio).

The location is quite convenient as the bus station is just 400 meters away and all the attractions of the old town, the shops, cafeterias, bars, restaurants, taverns or fast foods, supermarkets and everything else you might need are not more than 5 minutes walking away. Finally the well known long sandy beach of Rethymno is less than 10 minutes walking away.

Entering the studio on the ground floor, there is an open plan area with living room, dining area and the fully equipped kitchenette. The bedroom area with a double bed and a bathroom with bath are also located next to the living room area.

The studio Christos was refinished with modern style and facilities however at the same time it paid attention to their previous condition to highlight the building's historic charm such as traditional wooden ceilings and ancient Venetian stone walls.

Feel the spirit of the old town by living as local in one of the smallest historical road of it.

Studio Christos is approved by Greek Tourism Organization with license number: 1041Κ132Κ3094601


Bicycles Small table on the pavement
Satellite HDTV Fully Air-Conditioned
Free WiFi Internet Washing machine / Tumble dryer
Hairdryer Iron / Board
Towels - Linen First aid kit
Safe Wardrobe / Closet
Fridge / Freezer Ring Stove 
Espresso / Filter Coffee machine Toaster / Kettle 
Microwave oven Dishwasher
Complete dishes & utensils Dining Table


In detail


Useful distances from the property to places of interest

Heraklion Airport (88,4 km)

The Kazantzakis Airport in Heraklion town (Code: HER). The biggest airport in Crete serving domestic and international flights. EasyJet has flights to this airport as well.

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Heraklion Port (88,2 km)

The Heraklion Port in Heraklion town (Code: HER). Minoan Lines, Fast Ferries, ANEK lines are travel to Piraias (Athens) and to the Greek islands.

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Chania Airport (66,6 km)

The international airport in Chania (Code: CHQ). The airport is the second largest with exclusive flights of Ryanair.

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Chania Port (51, 9 km)

During the summer months there are daily ferry connections between Souda port and the port of Piraeus in Athens.

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Heraklion (86,2 km)

Heraklion is the largest city and the administrative capital of the island of Crete, Greece. It is one of the largest cities in Greece.

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Chania (59.6 km)

Chania is the second largest city of Crete and the capital of the Chania regional unit. It lies along the north coast of the island, about 70 km west of Rethymno and 145 km west of Heraklion.

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Fortezza Castle (450 m.)

The Fortezza is the citadel of the city of Rethymno in Crete, Greece. It was built by the Venetians in the 16th century, and was captured by the Ottomans in 1646. By the early 20th century, many houses were built within the citadel.

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The Venetian Harbour (700 m)

The Venetian Harbour with its fishing boats, the famous lighthouse and many tavernes.

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Rimondi Fountain (450 m)

The Rimondi Fountain in the heart of the old town has offered fresh water to passers-by for centuries. Water runs from three lions heads into three basins.

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Church “Our Lady of the Angels” (260 m)

The church of Our Lady of the Angels was built by the Dominican Friars at the end of the Venetian period and dedicated to Mary Magdalene. The Turks converted it into a mosque with the addition of a mihrab (prayer niche) and a minaret. From 1917 onwards it has been a Greek Orthodox church dedicated to Our Lady of the Angels. Locals of Rethymnon also call it the "Mikri Panagia" (Little Virgin), to distinguish it from the main Cathedral of the Panagia.

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Historical - Folk Museum of Rethymno (350 m)

The building itself is one of the most representative examples of a town house dating from the end of the Venetian occupation.The Historical - Folk Museum of Rethymnon houses collections of woven fabrics, weaving equipment, embroidery, lacework, pottery, baskets, metalwork, coins, costumes, historical items, etc.
There is also a room with an exhibition on traditional crops and bread-making.

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Nerantze Mosque (400 m)

The original Venetian building was the church of the Augustinian Priory, dedicated to the Virgin.In 1657 the town had fallen to the Turks and the church was converted into a mosque. In 1890, shortly before Crete became an autonomous state, work began there on the tallest minaret in Rethymnon. The minaret was very well built, with two balconies for the call to prayer.
Today the Nerantze Mosque houses the Municipal Odeon, run by the Association for the Propagation of the Arts.

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Mikrasiaton Square (600 m)

The Mikrasiaton Square is located in the Old Town of Rethymno and it is the biggest square in the heart of the historical center since 2007. Its name comes from the settlement of the inhabitants of Minor Asia who arrived to Rethymno after the population exchange set by the Lausanne Convention and were accommodated in that square.
Being the meeting point of the youngsters and the families of Rethymno, mostly during summer, due to its spaciousness and a playground for the young children’ amusement, the Mikrasiaton Square has also room for bikes, skates and trampoline.

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“Rakadika” street (400 m)

A whole street full of small traditional taverns “Rakadika”, that are next to each other and always crowded especially in Summer time!

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Souliou street (500 m)

Much jewellery and large selection of English titles at its bookshop. If one street is to be the single place for gathering all the gifts you need to complete your shopping tasks this is it: gather herbs, cosmetics, books, a variety of jewellery, pottery and many other different items.

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Laiki (Open Market) (700 m)

Laiki happens every Thursday, and sells mostly fruits, vegetables, fish, flowers and plants, as well as some household items and prepared foods. The laiki agora is considered an important social custom and tradition throughout Greece.

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Rethymno Beach (1,5 km)

The beach of Rethymno is 12 km long, it starts from the historical city center and extends to the Eastern part of the isle reaching Scaleta.

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Supermarket (300 m)

The closest big super market to the apartment, you will also find many mini markets around the area.

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Traditional tavern (450 m)

One of the nearest taverns is “Othonas” with great traditional food, furthermore there are many good taverns around the apartments for you to choose.

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Traditional Bakery (160 m)

There are also other traditional bakeries around the old city.

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Bar / Club (700 m)

There are many bars & Clubs in walking distance.

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Pharmacy (300 m )

In the old Town, you will also find more pharmacies around

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Hospital (550 m)

General Hospital of Rethymno.

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ATM & Bank (350 m)

ATM & Bank in walking distance. More banks & ATM’s are also in walking distance.

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Gas station (1,1 km)

The closest Gas station to the apartment.

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Arkadi Monastery (27,5 km)

One of the most historical places in Crete, well worth to visit it!

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Ancient Eleftherna (29,4 km)

Ancient Eleutherna is located at a distance of around 25 km. to the SE of Rethymnon and occupies two long, narrow ridges, called Pyrgi and Nissi. Three streams flow around the foot of the hills and join to the north of them. The urban centre of ancient Eleutherna was always located at Pyrgi. Ruins of Hellenistic walls and buildings, Roman structures and an Early Christian basilica are preserved on the east slope of the hill. On the west slope of the hill, at the site called Orthi Petra (standing stone), lies the cemetery of the Late Geometric and Archaic periods, part of which was covered by the Roman buildings. Remains of a settlement that flourished in the Hellenistic period have been uncovered on the Nissi hill.

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Kournas Lake (23,9 km)

Lake Kournas is a lake on the island of Crete, Greece, near the village of Kournas. It is in the Apokoronas municipality of Chania regional unit close to the border with Rethymno regional unit, 47 km from the town of Chania 

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Southern beaches (34,5 km)

The southern coast of Rethymnon hosts some of the most beautiful untouched exotic beaches of Crete, such as "Plakias", “Schinaria”, “Damnoni”, “Triopetra”, “Agios Pavlos” and “Preveli". The distance to the South coast is about 45 minutes from the apartment by car.

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