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Old Town of Rethymno

“The old Town is a living museum of monuments of past centuries”

A&C Homes are located in the old town of Rethymno, which is lying in the heart of the modern city and combines the oriental features of the Turkish period with Renaissance and Venetian style architecture. A stroll through the alleys of the old town is like traveling backwards in time, the Great Gate, the Mosques, the Rimondi Fountain, the Venetian Loggia, the Fortezza fortress, the small Venetian harbor are wonderful remnants of past periods and the unique charms of the old town! Nowadays the old Town is full of life. Usually the day starts early in the morning with people visiting the churches and having coffee before opening their shops or going to their jobs. The town gets very busy at midday when people are visiting the restaurants and taverns for their lunch. When the sun starts to set and shops start to close, another part of the town starts to rise, and that is the nightlife. Bars, pubs, little food places “rakadika”, taverns with live music, restaurants, or just a walk around the town listening to street musicians create a unique romantic atmosphere. Staying in the old town is a privilege, as you will be able to feel the romance and air of the old days and also being close to all kind of amenities that the old and modern city have to offer.